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When service members transition for civilian life into service life “Bootcamp” is the vehicle that prepares them for the journey.

In some ways, the transition back is assumed to require less focus and support, thus fewer resources are devoted to it.  We believe the return to civilian life is an important time to provide guidance, mentorship and support to our returning service members, and that’s why we partnered with Abundant Society to create a special program called “Civilian Bootcamp”.

Civilian Bootcamp is an online program that includes a multi-media training course, group coaching, downloadable resources and email coaching to assist every member of our military to make a successful transition on their return home.  The program provides enhanced guidance on topics including:

  • Re-purposing your skills for civilian application;
  • Leveraging all of your talents for maximum career and professional success and enjoyment;
  • A mindset shift that allows you to benefit from your military experience but be able to relate to and enjoy civilian life;
  • Re-kindling important relationships and establishing new ones;
  • Living the life you deserve on your return home.

Civilian Bootcamp isn’t just for military members.  We have a special mini-course for civilians that allows the rest of us to receive our service members home and assist them to return to productivity in the next stage of their life journey.

Sharing the bootcamp experience allows everyone to have common ground and establish meaningful bonds that make America and our local communities what they can be.

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